How to choose a good confinement nanny service company in Singapore? A good confinement nanny in singapore will definately trained their confinement nanny from time to time. And they have to make sure the arrival of confinement nanny. Experiened confinement nanny must also do health check every year.

Confinement nanny normally will help to take care the baby and the mother, and help to cook and do simple housekeeping. A professional and experienced nanny is very important. Some confinement nany only provide day time service, means that they no need to stay over night in your house. Some may need full day service confinement nanny who stay overnight in your house to take care the newborn baby.


How about the confienement lady rates in Singapore? Confinement lady in Singapore normally charge about S$100-$300. It will depends on the experience and quality of nanny service they can provide. Confinement nanny rates may also different from a professional confinement agency and part time confinement lady.

A good confinement lady can cook tasty confinement food. A confinement lady must be healty and not too old because need to take care the baby for whole day. A responsible confinement lady will also make sure their arrival.


One of the very quality and best confinement nanny training company in Singapore is Confinement Angels Pte Ltd. They are very experience in providing confinement nanny training in Singapore. All confinement ladies are professional and friendly.