Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the most common Internet advertising and marketing method where you pay the advertisers for each click on the ad you have placed. Any marketer who manages a budget knows that no form of marketing is truly "free". All marketing channels are "paid". SEO required tremendous effort and it takes time. Give your SEO and Social Media efforts an extra kick through Pay-Per-Click (PPC). SEM is a form of inbound marketing, it is sustainable and it does work. Contact our SEM team in Singapore today for PPC/SEM service!

Why SEM?

You have set aside a budget for online advertisement and you want to maximize every single penny you are going to spend. When it is properly optimized, Pay Per Click yields a rewarding ROI (Return on Investment).

At XANTEC, we frequently recommend SEM as one of the marketing strategy for a new website in parallel with the long term SEO strategy because it gets immediate traffic and can help generate significant sales within weeks.


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  • Consolidate Google, Yahoo, Bing & Facebook Ads
  • Multi Language & Currency for Regional/Global Markets
  • Integrated with Google Analytics for Power Insights
  • Always-On Optimisation Powered by Algorithms
  • Enable Meshing of Search with Facebook Advertising
  • Scale to Millions of Keywords Effortlessly

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